To meet the needs of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyramid is offering teletherapy services for all of our outpatient treatment programs.

Our teen outpatient treatment programs provide therapy and counseling for teens who have completed a stay in a residential facility or who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction. We can provide professional assessments and treatment recommendations if you believe your teen needs help.

These programs are less restrictive than residential treatment and allow teens to continue living at home in a familiar environment throughout their recovery process. Our outpatient programs consider all factors that may contribute to teen addiction, and address these issues through individual therapy, group therapy, and family involvement, among other treatment strategies.

Teen outpatient treatment can help individuals maintain their sobriety and teach them how to cope with challenges and communication problems in a positive way, and Pyramid Healthcare staff focus on giving teens the resources and tools necessary to achieve and maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol.