To meet the needs of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyramid is offering teletherapy services for all of our outpatient treatment programs.

Teens are often more vulnerable to drugs and alcohol than adults, and therefore it’s possible that experimentation can become addiction. Fortunately, early treatment can lead to long-term recovery. However, it’s important to seek a treatment facility that specializes in treating adolescents.

Pyramid Healthcare’s outpatient rehab programs provide therapy and counseling for teens who have completed a stay in inpatient treatment or who do not have a severe substance use disorder. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents.

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Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is less restrictive than inpatient rehab and allows teens to continue living at home in a familiar environment throughout their recovery process. Typically, outpatient treatment is around 10-12 hours per week, so adolescents are able to maintain a normal school schedule.

In inpatient treatment, clients live on-site at the facility 24 hours, 7 days a week. Clients can continue their schooling in inpatient treatment, but they do not attend school. Inpatient treatment has full-time, on-site staff, which is ideal for people with serious substance use disorders.

What Does Pyramid Healthcare Provide?

We can provide professional assessments and treatment recommendations if you believe you or your teen needs help. Our outpatient programs consider all factors that may contribute to teen addiction, and address these issues through:

  • Walk-in assessments
  • Mobile assessments
  • Individual therapy and group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Adolescent outpatient groups
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Mental health treatment

Program offerings vary at each facility. For a full program schedule, contact the treatment center.

Pyramid Healthcare staff focus on giving teens the resources and tools necessary to achieve and maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Learn more about outpatient rehab for teens. There is no obligation to enter treatment when you contact us.

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