While it may be difficult to recognize that you or your child needs help, early intervention and specialized treatment can help teens overcome addiction or manage mental health disorders.

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Pyramid Healthcare provides drug and alcohol detox, outpatient mental health programs, and outpatient rehab for teens. We also have school and community-based programs.

Our assessment team will help determine which level of care is best for you or your child so we can develop an individualized treatment plan.

Our highly-trained staff specializes in drug and alcohol addiction and adolescent developmental stages. We offer teens a safe, supportive environment where they are surrounded by their peers. Teens can examine past behaviors and learn positive coping and decision-making skills. These are tools that teens can use to be healthy, successful, and sober, even after leaving treatment.

A critical component of our substance use and mental health treatment programs is family therapy. Our staff works closely with family members to address the issues that may have led to drug or alcohol use. We’ll work through changes that need to happen in the home for a lasting, positive outcome.

For more information on Pyramid Healthcare and our services, contact our admissions department. There is no obligation for you or your child to enter treatment when you call.

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