Our teen specialty treatment programs focus on reaching out to young people in the community suffering in some way from the effects of drug and alcohol use. This includes teens who are affected by someone close to them using drugs or alcohol. Pyramid Healthcare partners with community experts, such as law enforcement officers and educators, to make sure our teen specialty treatment programs are effective in reaching those who need help most. The staff of our teen specialty treatment programs are held to the same standards as those in our facilities and are professionals in the field of drug and alcohol abuse, often with an expertise in the specialty treatment of adolescents.

DOE State-Licensed Academic Programs

Clients at our teen residential programs can continue their academic studies with 5 ½ hours of daily instruction by PA Department of Education certified teachers. We collaborate closely with each client’s home school district to ensure the lessons they receive in treatment align with those in their school’s curriculum. This allows teens to transition into and out of our academic program with as little disruption as possible. We strive to have our teen clients show real academic progress, even during specialty treatment.


Our CHOICES program is an interactive decision-making program that empowers students to achieve academic and behavioral success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. CHOICES is a voluntary program offered to students who:

  • Have problems expressing themselves in an appropriate manner
  • May be at-risk for using substances to cope with stress, sadness, or difficult situations
  • Have difficulty connecting current decisions/behaviors with future outcomes
  • Seem uninterested in learning, planning for the future, or getting a job
  • Have difficulty managing the responsibilities of life, creating ongoing stress/frustration
  • May be at-risk for failing classes or not graduating with their classmates due to their behavior or choices

The CHOICES specialty treatment program supports students and their families by encouraging them to communicate, set goals, and make safe and healthy choices. We work to help young individuals recognize and develop their talents, leading to a decreased frequency of behavioral problems, improved school attendance, and increased academic performance and motivation.

CHOICES is available at the following Pennsylvania schools:

  • Whitehall-Coplay School District
  • William Allen High School
  • Francis D. Raub Middle School
  • Lehigh Learning and Achievement School

For more information on our CHOICES program, contact Lindsey Weidner at (484) 633-5781 or lweidner@pyramidhc.com.

Youth at Risk

Our Youth at Risk program, offered by our Erie Outpatient office in collaboration with local law enforcement officials and parents, offers an intervention program for juvenile drug and/or alcohol offenders.

This program educates young people age 12 and up about substance abuse while empowering them to make better choices when alone or in the presence of their peers or adults. Professionally directed by a Pyramid Healthcare chemical dependency counselor, these sessions challenge young people to examine their own values and experiences related to substance abuse; discover the physical, emotional, behavioral, and legal consequences of substance abuse; recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse; and explore the cycle of addiction.

Most importantly, those in the Youth at Risk program will learn decision-making skills to help them avoid future, continued substance use.

For more information or to register for our Youth at Risk program in a community near you, please call (888) 694-9996.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) consists of a team of trained professionals at each school that work together to identify and assist students who are facing difficulties that may interfere with their academic success.

Each SAP team is comprised of administrators, counselors, and teachers. In addition, each team includes a representative from a community mental health agency and a community drug and alcohol agency.

Pyramid Healthcare is contracted by local authorities to provide drug and alcohol liaisons for surrounding school districts. These liaisons attend SAP team meetings at each school and may conduct individual or group counseling sessions or administer treatment recommendations based on their interactions with and assessments of the students involved in the program.

Pyramid Healthcare offers a Youth at Risk program as well as outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and inpatient treatment options for young people who may be struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

For more information on our Student Assistance Programs, please call (888) 694-9996.