Teens in our residential treatment programs live on-site in a structured, gender-separate setting where they will receive individual counseling and engage in group support sessions to help them recognize and address the complex developmental issues, relationships, and educational concerns that may have led them to turn to drugs or alcohol. We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment in which young people are challenged to examine their past negative behaviors and learn positive ways to cope.

These residential treatment programs are appropriate for teens who have struggled with addiction for a long period of time, or teens who may not believe that their abuse of drugs or alcohol is a problem.

Our inpatient residential treatment programs are designed to:

  • Educate teen clients on the disease of addiction
  • Give them the tools they need to be successful in recovery
  • Help them understand how decisions they make today can impact their futures

While outpatient care provides a higher level of flexibility in treatment, inpatient residential treatment requires more commitment. Clients are required to leave home, friends, and family, typically for 30-60 days. However, participating in inpatient residential treatment makes it more likely that an individual will be able to maintain their sobriety over time.

Our teen residential treatment programs offer individual and family counseling at least once per week, along with group therapy facilitated by a clinician up to five times per week. We also provide:

  • Basic physical, hearing, and vision screenings
  • Medication management as needed
  • Psychiatric evaluations as needed, with follow-ups as appropriate

Clients participate in academic programs led by state-certified teachers designed with their home school curriculum in mind to keep them current academically, making transition into and out of our teen academic program easy. Our counselors and educators work together with the young person to build his or her confidence and maximize therapeutic goals.

Benefits of teen inpatient residential treatment with Pyramid Healthcare include:

  • A healthy environment away from negative influences and temptations
  • 24/7 support and care
  • Daily access to counseling, life skills classes, education, and more
  • The opportunity to develop a new sober support system among a group of peers who can relate to the client’s struggles
  • An increased likelihood of achieving and maintaining sobriety

Family Involvement

Parents/legal guardians can expect to receive communication from their child’s counselor within 24 hours of their child’s admission into a Pyramid Healthcare teen inpatient program. We understand that this is a difficult time; it can be an overwhelming experience, both for the teen client and their family. Your child’s counselor will introduce themselves, discuss how your child has been adjusting, and answer any questions or concerns.

The initial family session provides an opportunity to meet with the clinician and follow up with any questions and concerns, as well as discuss treatment planning.

We utilize family therapy to help family members identify contributing factors and necessary changes within the home in order for their teen to achieve long-term recovery. Although there is a focus on the involvement of parents/legal guardians in regards to family therapy, phone calls, and visits, we also encourage siblings and other family members to show their support through writing letters, sending cards, or mailing pictures.


Pyramid Healthcare will provide an aftercare package for our teen clients. Counselors will assess each client’s aftercare needs and may recommend a continuation of care through intensive outpatient counseling, along with medication management or mental health counseling, if required.

We emphasize involvement within NA and/or AA meetings post-graduation, as well as working on getting a sponsor.

Educational needs are explored as well as employment. These discussions take place with a counselor and are facilitated by our in-house educational departments.


Questions about our admissions process for teen residential treatment clients? Visit our assessments page for more information or call (888) 694-9996.