While it may be difficult to recognize that your child is struggling with a substance use disorder, early intervention and specialized treatment are crucial to helping teens overcome addiction. For long-term substance abuse in adolescents, detox is often the first step on the road to recovery.

Help is Available

Teen Detox at Pyramid Healthcare

Detox breaks the body’s chemical dependency on the drug, which often develops after long-term substance abuse. Sudden withdrawal of these substances without medical supervision can be life-threatening.

We always conduct this process in a safe, medically supervised environment. Detox is crucial for your child to begin to overcome their psychological or emotional reliance on substances.

Following stabilization, our detox programs include an element of therapy for the emotional challenges that your child may face during this initial phase of recovery.

After detox and therapy, you and your child will meet with behavioral health professionals to discuss a treatment plan for long-term recovery. This treatment plan is unique to your teen’s needs. While drug or alcohol detox is an important first step, additional treatment options such as inpatient treatment are crucial. Further treatment will provide your child with the opportunity to focus on underlying issues that led to their addiction.

Help for Your Child

If your child is struggling with substance abuse, now is the time to seek help. To learn more about Pyramid Healthcare’s teen drug detox program, contact our admissions department at 888-694-9996. Our admissions department is available 24/7 to answer your questions about treatment options at Pyramid Healthcare for your son or daughter. There is no obligation to enter your child in treatment when you call.