Our adult specialty programs are designed to prepare individuals suffering from addiction for the wide range of obstacles they may experience during treatment, or even after successfully completing one of our treatment programs. Developed by professional Pyramid Healthcare staff, often in collaboration with other organizations or experts in the community, our specialty treatment programs address common issues such as financial management, problem solving, emotional traumas, and relapse. We focus on ensuring that our clients can successfully reintegrate into their homes communities and develop into self-sufficient, productive members of society.


Encouraging continued specialty treatment care after a stay in a residential facility, or providing resources that promote sustained sobriety, can be key in helping a client successfully achieve abstinence.

In order to give our clients the best possible chance at remaining sober, we offer aftercare programs that provide some structure, oversight, and planning post-treatment.

We consider client wants and needs when making arrangements for aftercare. If the client was part of a residential program, staff may recommend that they step down into an intensive outpatient, outpatient, or partial hospitalization program to continue specialty treatment. Other aftercare options include halfway or transitional housing.

All aftercare recommendations, made by Pyramid Healthcare counselors or designated aftercare staff, are individualized based on the client’s treatment history.

Criminal Justice

In cases of extensive criminal justice involvement or numerous relapse experiences, a longer term stay (usually more than 90 days) in a residential rehabilitation program can be helpful.

Our adult criminal justice programs offer the same level of care as our residential, non-hospital rehabilitation programs for an extended period of time. This includes medically-supervised detoxification, dual diagnosis specialty treatment, individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions, psychological assessment, and outpatient support services.

Additionally, our long-term criminal justice programs include personal financial management training with an emphasis on restitution, fines, and costs; employment readiness training; community service work; and sessions focused on overcoming criminal thinking and behavior.

We also provide specialty treatment services for those placed into court-mandated drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and help such individuals get back on their feet.

Our adult criminal justice programs are offered at our Altoona Detox Inpatient, Pittsburgh Detox Inpatient, Belleville Inpatient for Men, and Transitional Housing facilities in Altoona, Blandburg and Pittsburgh.

Family Program

Family involvement can be critical to a client’s success during and after treatment.

Pyramid Healthcare has developed a family program designed to educate the client’s family members about the disease of addiction. This program helps both the individual in specialty treatment and their family learn skills and develop behaviors effective in minimizing the negative impact of the addiction on the familial relationship.

Our family program can also open lines of communication between the client and their family members.

Pyramid Healthcare counselors can provide family counseling if it is requested by the client.

Gambling Addiction

Problem gambling can include any better with or without money where the outcome is uncertain, along with risky behaviors that initially appear unrelated to gambling, or relying on chance though it may be dangerous or lead to legal issues.

If you’ve ever missed time from work or school due to gambling, felt remorse or depression after gambling, or had an uncontrollable urge to gamble, you may have a gambling problem. Other symptoms of gambling addiction include gambling longer than you plan, gambling to escape problems, or acting illegally in order to keep gambling.

Gambling addiction may contribute to family arguments, cause stress at home, become an unhealthy activity, or bring about unwanted legal consequences.

Pyramid Healthcare provides specialty treatment in the form of gambling addiction treatment for adults and teens at our Altoona Outpatient facility. If you think you have a gambling problem, our program can help you develop the tools you need to overcome your gambling addiction by identifying the causes behind problematic gambling behaviors, developing strategies for resolving gambling-related problems, and preventing relapse.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy, also known as alternative or complementary medicine, has seen a spike in popularity as more and more people begin to feel that holistic specialty treatment options allow them to be proactive in taking care of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Research shows that holistic therapies can have a positive impact on an individual’s journey to recovery.

East Stroudsburg Hillside Detox Inpatient encourages participation in holistic therapies for those who feel that such practices improve overall personal health and well-being by offering physical exercise and nutrition programs to meet the needs and interests of each individual.

Our holistic program includes a variety of activities such as basketball, tennis, yoga, meditation, and hiking. Hillside’s location near the Pocono Mountains provides the perfect setting for these outdoor activities.

A registered dietician meets with each client to identify dietary requirements and discuss the short- and long-term benefits of eating a healthy diet during recovery at Hillside and beyond.

Life Skills

Assisting our clients in their search for recovery and a higher quality of life is a crucial part of our mission. In order to help individuals struggling from addiction successfully reintegrate into the community once they have completed treatment, we provide extensive life skills training at our halfway houses and residential programs.

Pyramid Healthcare specialists and clinicians collaborate in an effort to provide clients with guidance and instruction on a variety of real-world topics. These include financial management, job preparation, communication skills, social etiquette, volunteerism, and the appropriate utilization of community resources.

Our staff also promote client self-sufficiency and responsible living by providing guidance in additional areas including stress management, coping skills, goal-setting, and problem solving.

The topics in our life skills program are chosen with the objective of helping our clients function as productive members of society free of drug and/or alcohol dependence.

Mobile Assessments

A prompt assessment and identification of the needs of an adult or teen using substances of abuse can prove critical to their long-term recovery. Mobile assessments can simplify and accelerate the specialty treatment process with reduced response time and choice of convenient meeting locations.

Our skilled and knowledgeable mobile assessment team members coordinate specialty treatment with the individual and handle pre-certification with insurance companies and other funding sources. A mobile assessment ensures that the individual receives an accurate diagnosis; Pyramid Healthcare mobile assessors then utilize the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria to determine an appropriate level of care.

Any subsequent referrals to community resources are based on the identified needs and best interest of the individual.

Once the assessment is complete, a Pyramid Healthcare counselor works closely with the affected individual and their family to ensure that the individual received the necessary supportive services and specialty treatment, if necessary. Even after the process, we remain a resource for questions, support, and other needs.

Mobile assessments are available in Allegheny County, PA and in the Allentown, PA area.

Women’s Trauma-Focused Residential Care

Our Langhorne Inpatient facility at TODAY offers trauma-focused addiction treatment for women in a safe and therapeutic environment. This specialty treatment program is built around evidence-based modalities administered by caring and professional experts.

We focus on using a system of comprehensive care to address the unique experiences and specialty treatment needs of adult women, which may include severe untreated childhood trauma, low self-worth connected to intimate relationships, and the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

Women learn tools for enhancing and supporting recovery through their interactions with fellow residents, the counseling staff, and the 12-step community; group, individual, and family therapy; psycho-educational lectures; and our network of social resources.

Our program also teaches women how to safely cope with physical, psychological, and emotional trauma without the use of substances, empowering them to overcome feelings of victimization and move toward a life of wellness and personal growth.

Specialty treatment services include therapy, life skills training, medication management, meditation, and yoga.