Medication management is an integral part of Pyramid Healthcare’s comprehensive treatment services for mental health and substance use.

Medication management is for adults in our care who are in need of psychotropic medications, including antidepressants or anti-anxiety agents. These medications are used to manage symptoms of mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Medication Management vs. MAT

It’s important to distinguish medication management from Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Other treatment centers may refer to MAT as medication management. At Pyramid Healthcare, MAT refers to the use of medications to treat opioid use disorders and help individuals maintain sobriety.

Clients enrolled in our medication management program receive clinical support with their psychotropic medications. Clients receiving medications for substance use disorders, such as Suboxone or Methadone, are enrolled in Pyramid Healthcare’s MAT program.

How Pyramid Healthcare Can Help

Medication management is available at select outpatient treatment centers in Pennsylvania. For many clients with mental health or co-occurring disorders, medication management may be a step-down level of care following inpatient treatment.

Clients in this program work with a licensed medical professional at the outpatient treatment center. Pyramid Healthcare’s medical staff can help:

  • Initiate medications for new clients.
  • Provide continuation of ongoing medications.
  • Ensure clients are following their medication regimen.
  • Monitor dosage and efficacy of medications.
  • Develop an individualized plan of care in conjunction with clients and other behavioral health professionals.

Medication management enables clients to receive the care they need at one facility. Many clients also participate in other mental health services, such as individual or group therapy. The time spent in medication management is based on clients’ needs.

Importantly, our medication management services help individuals improve their quality of life. To learn more about medication management or other treatment programs, please call Pyramid Healthcare’s 24/7 admissions department.