Share Your Recovery Success Story for National Recovery Month


Do you have a recovery story that you’d like to share?

Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, or DDAP, is looking to collect recovery success stories to share as part of its celebration of National Recovery Month. National Recovery Month takes place every September.

All recovery success stories should be submitted through this form.

Every recovery journey is special, meaning that each individual working to maintain their sobriety has learned their own unique lessons. Sharing your experience can be beneficial to others in recovery by helping them see things from a new perspective, motivating them to continue to attend treatment, or simply reminding them that a fulfilling and sober life is possible.

Any story that you submit to DDAP should focus on how you’ve overcome your struggles with alcohol or substance use and how your recovery journey has changed your life. Stories will be shared with the public and should be appropriate for any audience, including children. DDAP also requests that any narrative submitted be 500 words or less.

Although DDAP asks for identifying information upon submission, that information will not be shared with the public. Some individuals may be contacted about sharing their stories in person, including at a National Recovery Month event on September 6 in Harrisburg, PA.

Established in 1989, Recovery Month promotes awareness of the importance of addiction and mental health treatment. It aims to reduce negative stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health conditions by focusing on the ability of those affected to enjoy a fulfilling life. National Recovery Month also hopes to highlight the need for increased accessibility of addiction and mental health treatment services, as well as the importance of education and prevention for individuals of all ages.

Even if you are no longer in treatment, you can still take advantage of resources to aid in your recovery process. There are national and state resources available. You can also view our recovery blog content, which provides information to help you navigate the lifelong journey of recovery.

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