Adult Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Adult IOP ProgramOur mental health program for adults serves individuals 18 years and older who are suffering with a mood or anxiety disorder. The outpatient behavioral health program is person-centered and individualized to address each client’s unique needs, goals and preferences.

Adults may experience a number of demands and responsibilities in their daily lives in addition to the specific challenges presented by mood and anxiety disorders. PFBH focuses on the Whole Person, encompassing the individual’s thoughts, emotions, mind/body responses and relationships. One important goal of treatment is to identify and build on the client’s existing strengths and resources. Clients will be able to build a more meaningful and connected life through a deeper understanding of self, expanded skills and enhanced use of both internal and external resources.

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare provides a program that encompasses different styles of learning to make content relatable and tangible. We include group process, experiential, expressive and classroom style interactions that enable clients to have the opportunity to practice and apply the learning to their individual experience. Opportunities for learning, growth and change are facilitated through individual, family and group therapy sessions.

An essential component of our program is to incorporate the identified family of each client into treatment. Studies have shown that support systems are integral to client’s progress toward identified goals and desired change. Our program offers weekly Family Workshops and Family Therapy Sessions and bi-weekly treatment planning sessions that encourages family participation.

Adult IOP Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 1 PM – 4 PM
Weekly Family Workshop: Tuesday, 1 PM – 2:30 PM

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