What are the Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs


Intensive outpatient programs are designed to deliver inpatient intensity and focus, while still letting the client maintain their life in an outpatient setting. They are helpful for someone that may not be able to commit to an inpatient program due to their job, family responsibilities, or other commitments, or someone who just doesn’t meet the necessary criteria for an inpatient treatment program.

One of the most commonly cited benefits of an intensive outpatient treatment program is that the patient can use everything they learn in their sessions immediately in the real world. While this is one of more common reasons why someone would choose an IOP, it isn’t the only reason.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Benefits

  • Increased duration of treatment has shown to lead to better recovery outcomes
  • Flexible and easily accessible IOP services allow the patient to maintain his or her everyday routines and responsibilities
  • Lower costs compared to a residential or inpatient treatment program
  • Clinical flexibility to respond to individual needs
  • Higher retention rate than low-intensity outpatient programs
  • Daily real-world opportunities to apply newly learned coping skills
  • Increased opportunities to establish community-based support
  • Enhanced treatment programs for relapses
  • Greater patient responsibility
  • Provides a greater level of privacy for the patient
  • It isn’t necessary to miss long periods of work or be away from family
  • Participation in local self-help groups from the beginning of treatment
  • Enhanced ability to develop long-term supportive relations with other patients

Whether you are newly out of an inpatient rehab program or looking for the level of support not available in a typical outpatient environment, the intensive outpatient programs of Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare can help. Call or contact us today to set up a screening interview and take your first step towards recovery.

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