Atlanta’s First Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Serving adults and adolescents suffering from mood disorders

The foundation of Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare lies in its dedication to treating the individual as a part of a family system. By tackling issues of the entire family unit, the goal of improving one’s ability to find fulfillment in life becomes a reality.

We are proud to offer:

  • Individualized programming based on a low therapist to patient ratio, highly customized treatment, and a therapeutic environment thoughtfully built as a comfortable refuge for healing
  • A family systems approach to every treatment plan, giving patients an opportunity to understand key relational dynamics and craft a comprehensive roadmap toward healthier living
  • Services that are tailored to the individual’s stage of development or life-stage for both more effective programming and a more cohesive treatment peer group. Research tells us the brain’s pre-frontal cortex continues to develop until about the age of 25 yet many programs deliver clinical services in the same manner whether the client is 15 or 45.
  • A holistic or integrative treatment model to empower of the individual to establish resiliency. Clients and families are challenged to be an active participant in treatment and make decisions that lead to wellness