Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Right for Me?


Tackling an addiction can be difficult enough, but often a struggle with substance use goes hand-in-hand with mental illness. These two conditions occurring together constitute a dual diagnosis: an individual is not only addicted, but is also facing issues with their mental health as well.

Unfortunately, dual diagnoses aren’t rare, and individuals with mental illness face a higher risk of struggling with addiction. Substance use may develop as a way for a person to cope with the symptoms of their disorder, which may include depression, anxiety or insomnia, among others.

However, it can be difficult to separate the symptoms of the mental illness from the consequences of the addiction. It’s up to psychiatric and clinical professionals to determine the root causes of their clients’ issues and then provide the necessary treatments, including counseling, therapy, education and medication when appropriate.

Although a dual diagnosis can make treatment more difficult or lengthy, it doesn’t make it impossible to achieve recovery. A treatment center with expert psychiatric and addiction staff who are able to create an integrated plan to address both conditions simultaneously can make a true difference for an individual with a dual diagnosis.

Pyramid Healthcare offers specialized dual diagnosis treatment programs for adults and teens at several of its facilities. Many Pyramid Healthcare clinicians and counselors are certified to treat dual diagnosis individuals, meaning they have the expertise to provide effective care. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment for those receiving dual diagnosis treatment.

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