Is Holistic Therapy Right for You?


Any kind of holistic treatment, whether it is medicine or therapy, takes into account a person’s entire mental and physical well-being. As an example, some doctors only prescribe medications to deal with a patient’s headache. However, a holistic practitioner would determine the root cause of the headache and prevent a person from experiencing a headache in the same way again.

Holistic addiction treatment takes into account that all people have intrinsic healing capabilities and that healing requires an integrative approach. Treatment should not only focus on relieving the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal, but should also address the whole person: mind, body, and soul. This therapy typically relies on different practices like hiking, mindfulness, acupuncture, and nutritional education to improve health and well-being.

Holistic therapy may not be right for everyone, but people hoping to treat addiction or mental health problems may benefit from this type of therapy.

Other Treatment Methods Didn’t Work

For mental health disorders, many practitioners out there simply prescribe a medication to a patient to relieve symptoms. While medication has certainly helped many people overcome anxiety and depression, it does not work for everyone. A holistic treatment center still uses traditional treatments as a foundation, but it incorporates other therapies into it. Therefore, a holistic doctor may still have a patient take medication, but there will also be an emphasis on complementary therapies.

Patients Prefer Natural Methods

This type of addiction treatment isn’t exclusive to certain religions or beliefs. Rather, it’s simply another option. Holistic therapy places a greater emphasis on utilizing natural techniques to help patients overcome health problems. Some patients may not want clinical interventions. Instead, they may prefer a number of treatment options and techniques to create a well-rounded treatment program that best suits them.

While any addiction treatment is intended to minimize stress, holistic therapies place a strong commitment on creating a relaxing, calming environment. This is another reason that patients may choose this type of treatment over another.

Therapies Can Help People in Other Areas of Their Lives

Holistic treatments don’t just focus on the specific health problems people face. These therapies work to help individuals attain better clarity in all places of their lives. For example, these treatments promote a healthier diet, which can help someone lose weight and feel better. Yoga or another form of exercise can be a great way to manage stress, which is often a trigger in recovery, especially following rehab.

Additionally, these types of therapies can be very effective for relapse prevention and coping skills, as previously mentioned. The practice of mindfulness helps to look inward and recognize emotions. Rather than reacting in a harmful way, you can react with purpose and make smarter choices.

For patients who have tried other treatment options to no avail, it is well worth it to keep trying new therapies until you find something that works for you. Want to learn more about holistic addiction treatment at Pyramid Healthcare? Pyramid’s Hillside location is a holistic rehabilitation center. Contact this location for more information on the holistic program and other treatment offerings.

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