About the Alumni Association

The Pyramid Healthcare Alumni Association supports active and previous clients in building and maintaining a recovery community.

Our alumni program is designed to encourage alumni to network with one another and encourage each other through every aspect of their recovery journey. The main feature of the Alumni Association is our monthly social events, including game nights, sports events, and performances. These events allow alumni to experience various activities and enjoying outings that promote sober fun and enjoyment in recovery.

In addition to events, alumni can participate together in organized volunteer experiences that allow them to support and give back to their communities.

Alumni are also welcome to come back to speak and share their story with Pyramid Healthcare’s inpatient communities.

Being a part of the Alumni Association is an important aspect of the treatment process and continuum of care. We believe participating in an active alumni community can greatly assist our clients in maintaining lifelong sobriety.

The Pyramid Healthcare Alumni Association Facebook page is now live! Please visit https://www.facebook.com/PyramidAlumni for the latest alumni updates, events, and news.

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For more information about the alumni association, upcoming events, or other opportunities, please contact [email protected].