If you or someone you know are interested in entering a Pyramid Healthcare program, we ask that you contact our admissions specialists directly. They are available anytime to complete a pre-assessment to get you on the right track to recovery.

Our admissions phone number is (888) 694-9996.

However, if you are a behavioral healthcare professional, organization or treatment provider or are interested in speaking with a Pyramid Healthcare representative in your area, our Community Relations Representatives are available by phone or e-mail.

If you are unable to complete an in-person assessment at a Pyramid Healthcare location, mobile assessments are also available. A Pyramid Healthcare representative will meet with you to identify the necessary level of care and treatment options. Mobile assessments can simplify and accelerate the treatment process with reduced response time and choice of convenient meeting locations.

An assessment can reveal that we may not be the best treatment provider for you. In that case, we provide referrals to other treatment centers that offer the services you need. We also accept professional referrals from other treatment facilities.

Community Relations Representatives

Northwestern PA
Levii Beardsley

Western PA
Josie Morgano

Central PA
Tyler Frederick

Southeastern PA
Niki Toth

Eastern PA
Tamra McGee

Northeastern PA
Ricardo Horn

Dauphin County
Jessica Kostic