A Look at Teen Inpatient Treatment


Choosing to pursue residential treatment for your teen who struggles with drugs or alcohol can be scary and overwhelming. You may worry about how your teen will fare away from home, or if inpatient treatment will truly be effective. However, residential treatment has been shown to have higher rates of long-term success and can give your teen the opportunity they need to re-evaluate their priorities and their future.

Get Help for Your Child

Usually, residential care is not the first course of treatment for teens and their families. The individual may have already participated in outpatient care with little or no success. In that case, inpatient treatment may be appropriate. It may also be appropriate for teens with a severe addiction, or for teens who persistently deny that their drug or alcohol use is a problem.

Why Inpatient Treatment?

By sending your teen to a Pyramid Healthcare inpatient treatment center, they are able to receive comprehensive care in one location. They will also be immersed in positivity and recovery that is focused on their individual needs. Removing your teen from the negative influences and peer pressure that may have encouraged their substance use is a huge benefit of inpatient treatment.

Teens in residential care can instead forge positive peer relationships with others in the program by bonding through shared experiences and issues unique to the age group. Although teens in Pyramid Healthcare programs will receive individual counseling, there is a heavy focus on group therapy and group activities that allow teens to socialize and build confidence in their recovery.

We pride ourselves on providing Pennsylvania state-licensed academic programs at our Ridgeview teen inpatient facilities. Our on-site educators will work with your teen’s home district to ensure that they stay on course with their school’s curriculum. Learn more about our academic programs.

Pyramid Healthcare programs also encourage family involvement. Our family programs focus on teaching family members about the disease of addiction, addressing any fractures in the family relationship caused by the teen’s substance use, and giving all family members the appropriate tools to deal with any doubts or issues they may experience once their teen leaves treatment.

If you would like more information about our teen residential treatment programs with no obligation to begin treatment, please call (888) 694-9996 or fill out the contact form below. Pyramid Healthcare can provide the help you need.

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