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We offer a full continuum of high-quality behavioral health care for adults suffering from substance abuse or addiction, making the treatment process – from detox to outpatient – as simple and consistent as possible.

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Addiction to alcohol or other drugs can be a devastating experience for a young person and his or her family. Our treatment programs focus on helping teens understand the lasting consequences of addiction. We also offer licensed education programs, allowing teens to continue to develop on pace with their peer group, both academically and socially.

Why Choose Pyramid Healthcare for Addiction Recovery?

  1. 360 Degrees of Addiction Recovery: From detox to transitional housing, we pride ourselves on providing consistent care at all of our more than 60 facilities. No matter what stage of addiction recovery you’re at, or which Pyramid Healthcare location is closest to you, you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality treatment.
  2. Accessible Treatment: Helping individuals, families, and loved ones affected by addiction is part of the Pyramid Healthcare mission. We’ve partnered with several insurance providers to make treatment accessible and offer scholarships and other payment plans for those who need addiction recovery the most.
  3. Award-Winning Experience: Founded in 1999 in Altoona, PA, Pyramid Healthcare has since grown into an award-winning behavioral health care provider and a leader in the industry. With over 15 years of experience treating addiction and mental health issues, we know how to help you find your path to recovery.
  4. Compassionate Staff: Our dedicated and compassionate staff are committed to giving you the tools you need to sustain long-term recovery. All Pyramid Healthcare staff are also qualified and appropriately licensed.
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