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Silvermist, LLC, Renfrew, PA
Housekeeper - Full Time Renfrew, PA
Behavioral Health Technicians - Full time and Part time Renfrew, PA
Duncansville Adult Residential Facility, Duncansville, PA
Multi-Site Behavioral Technicians - part time Duncansville
Counselor Full Time Duncansville
Counselor Assistant - (Duncansville)
Behavioral Health Technician - Part Time (Duncansville)
Administrative Assistant - Full Time (Duncansville)
Detox Technicians - Part Time Duncansville
Dietary Worker, Full Time Duncansville
Registered Nurse - LPN/RN - Full time/Part Time (Duncansville)
UR Coordinator - Coverage as needed Duncansville
Housekeepers - Full time, weekends
Chambersburg Outpatient , Chambersburg, PA
Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LPC, LCSW) – Part Time (Chambersburg, PA)
Board Certified Psychiatrist - Part Time (Chambersburg & Waynesboro)
D & A Counselor - Part Time Chambersburg
High Focus Centers, Paramus, NJ
Adolescent Psychiatric Clinician - Co-Occurring Full time
Adolescent Psychiatric Clinician - Full time
Adult Chemical Dependency Clinician - Full time Evenings
Adult/Adolescent Associate Clinican - Full Time
Mental Health Associate - Full Time
Corporate Office, Altoona, PA
Needs Assessment Coordinator - Part time, Full time, 2nd shift weekends (Altoona)
Administrative Office , Cranberry Township, PA
Food Service Analyst - PRN (as needed)
Pyramid Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, PA
Family Counselor - Full Time (Wilkinsburg)
Receptionist - Part Time - Wilkinsburg
Counselor - Full Time
Behavioral Health Technicians - Part time - Wilkinsburg
Lead Drug and Alcohol Counselor - Full time (Wilkinsburg/Pittsburgh)
Behavioral Technician Supervisor - Full Time (Wilkinsburg)
Driver - Part time (Wilkinsburg)
LPN - Full Time Wilkinsburg
York Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) School, York, PA
Dietary Worker
Ridgeview Adolescent Residential Facility, Gibsonia, PA
Behavioral Health Technicians - Part time Gibsonia, PA
Maintenance Worker - Full time Gibsonia PA
York Outpatient & Methadone Maintenance, York, PA
Assessor - Full Time (Adam's County Prison)
Counselor - Outpatient /Full time York, PA
Staff Nurses - RN/LPN - PRN York Methadone & Outpatient
Southside Outpatient, Pittsburgh, PA
Counselor - PRN Southside
Intake Coordinator- Full Time (Southside)
Mobile Assessor - Full Time
October Road (ASHEVILLE), Asheville, North Carolina
Clinical Director - Full Time Asheville, NC
Mental Health Therapist - 1 Contract Position (Asheville, NC)
Licensed Intake Clinician - Full time (Asheville, NC)
Assertive Community Treatment Team Master's Level QP - Full Time (Asheville, NC)
Residential Assistant - Part time
Driving While Impaired Intake Clinician - Part time (potential for Full time) Asheville, NC
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist - Full time Asheville NC
Registered Nurse - Full time
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Part time Asheville, NC
Assertive Community Treatment Team Peer Support Specialist – Full Time
Assertive Community Treatment Team LPN - Full Time Asheville, NC
Dolminis (Methadone Maintenance), Altoona, PA
Counselor - Full time Temp Dolminis Methadone/Altoona
Administrative Office, Allentown, PA
Drivers Eastern Region (Lehigh and Bucks County)
Hillside Inpatient, East Stroudsburg, PA
Behavioral Technician - Part Time/Full Time
Staff Nurse - LPN Hillside
Detox Behavioral Health Technician Specialists - Full Time Stroudsburg, PA
Quakertown Adolescent Residential Facility, Quakertown, PA
Staff Nurse - LPN Part time Quakertown
Behavioral Health Technician - Quakertown
Pittsburgh Outpatient (Pyramid Pittsburgh), Wilkinsburg, PA
Lead Drug and Alcohol Counselor - Full time (Wilkinsburg/Pittsburgh)
High Focus Centers, Parsippany, NJ
Adolescent Psychiatric Clinician - Full time
Adult/Adolescent New Jersey License Substance Abuse Professional - Full Time (Parsippany)
Erie Outpatient, Erie, PA
SAP Supervisor - Erie
Driver - Part time Erie, PA
Foundations (Methadone Maintenance), Butler, PA
Counselor - Part time/PRN - Butler, PA
Altoona Outpatient, Altoona, PA
Counselor - Full time Altoona
Pine Ridge Manor Halfway House, Tyrone, PA
Behavioral Health Technician - Halfway House
Traditions House (Women's 1/2way house), Altoona, PA
Behavioral Health Technician - Halfway House
High Focus Centers, Cranford, NJ
Program Nurse - Full time Cranford, NJ
Belleville Adult Residential Facility, Belleville, PA
Lead Counselor - Full time Belleville Inpatient
High Focus Centers, Branchburg, NJ
Adolescent & Adult Clinician - Full time Branchburg, NJ

Pyramid Healthcare is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Drug & Alcohol Programs Licensing,
the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Children, Youth, Families, and the Office of Mental Health. 
We do not discriminate against any patient in relation to admission, treatment, discharge, continuing care or employment based on race, color, religion, creed,
national origin, sex, disability (including limited English proficiency) or sexual orientation.  We offer priority admission to at-risk populations including IV drug users,
adolescents, women, women with children, and preferential treatment services to pregnant women. 
Pyramid Healthcare employees and the public may contact the Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns
or register complaints about a Joint Commission accredited health care organization by calling 1-800-994-6610 or by email at